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Is it normal that I inflict pain on myself to feel less stressed?
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I've been doing these things my whole life when I'm stressed. But I'm an adult now, and even though I'm on anti anxiety meds, I still do things to my body that are painful when I'm stressed--I LIKE the pain though. Not sexually or anything like that; but I chew my lip until it bleeds....I pick at my scalp until it bleeds....I pick at my ear piercings (they get infected from so much touching) and the more infected they get, the more I tug on them to pick off the scabs and feel the "pain"....I bite the upper, lower, and sides of the inside of my mouth....I chew at my cuticles and bite my nails. Sometimes when I'm flossing and a section of my gums are tender, I floss that part until it bleeds and swells as well. Why do I like to do this to myself? My lips are raw, my mouth is sore, it hurts to brush my hair, and my ears always hurt from constant infection--yet somehow I keep doing these things to myself EVERY DAY. I feel less stressed and "in control" while I'm doing it; but I have to deal with increasingly painful aftermath. Why?? What should I do??
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Talk to whoever prescribes the anti-anxiety medication because obviously it's not working
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It's pretty normal yes but it's still bad. You get literally high and most people like getting high
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Bad idea. Why hurt yourself. See a doctor please.
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Please accept this hug. Now , no judgement here but , smoking weed is a much better choice. Sounds like you could use a boost in your diet too, try mango. Cut the mango not yourself
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