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Is it normal that I keep my foreskin retracted to look circumcised
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I'm from the UK where most men are not circumcised. I'm against circumcising babies as they cannot give permission, but personally dislike having my glans covered. I keep my foreskin permanently retracted and enjoy the clean feeling without losing the natural nerve endings. Is this normal?
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Comments (7)
That's certainly an odd thing to do, but you know what, it's your penis so whatever.
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Fair enough. Thanks.
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why don't you get circumcised. ?
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Indeed, you could.
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Good point. Maybe I will, but I'm checking it out as best I can first. Ten months so far. It's a big decision, irreversible.
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Ive been circumcised since birth, never have and never will miss my foreskin!
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Should I have the snip? I'm so tempted but scared I'll regret it. Do women prefer it? Are men glad they've been snipped? What do you think? Whether or not I go through with it is up to you.
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