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Is it normal that i let my girlfriend play in my ass, even fist me?
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One nite my girl stuck her finger in my ass (we were drunk), which was not can't seem to get enough of it...feels gretat! Within the week I could take her whole fist! Fucked up thing is...I'm 100% straight and conversations bout ass play is way too fuck it...feels great! Just hope I don't mess my butt up too much...cross my fingers! Kinda glad my girl turned me out...only females with toys or HER hand...dicks are not for me (nothing personal, but I love pussy! )
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Why are you so adamant about saying you don't like guys? Once is enough. There are other issues going on if your that insecure you have to reiterate your straight multiple times.
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Agreeing with Gelmurag here.
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Totally normal play, I do the same thing with my fiance (never tried the whole fist before though. You're a little overly defensive about the whole gay part though.
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pfft a fist i can take a whole head
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