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Is it normal that i lift always the same weight ?
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Everytime i go to the gym i feel like i have no confidence at all. trying to lift heavier weight day by day it's like impossible for me. After playing 3 kinds of machine each 3 sets, my stamina is all drown up. is it normal or am i just weak tho?
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I don't even know you, tf do you fuckin eat? For me to get over the 150s ( I'm 6 ft 2) I had to eat constantly. Try combining your food with c4 50x pre workout supplement. It will cost you like 60 bucks but I swear on my miserable life if you take it correctly when working out you'll feel like a horse pumping.
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Just stick to lighter weights so you can do more reps. Also, you need to eat ! Protein bro, protein.
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I don't know what your trying to get from it but I think trying to lift heavier everyday is not really possible. If your trying to bulk up I guess what they said is probly ok I go more for cardio and endurance but I can do a decent number of sets and reps with free weights its just not what I emphisize only maybe twice in a week unless I'm being lazy then only once.
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