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Is it normal that I like a girl too much?
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I am in the 12th grade and I am constantly looking at a girl in the 10th grade,I am just over with my school days but since few days I was going near her class and saw her then I kept watching her daily and I am very shy kindaa so whenever I saw her I started smiling she also smiles very much and since last few days we are doing this and now I want her face everytime in front of my eyes..what's happening??
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You have a crush/attraction. Since you're graduating soon, I don't think it'll really go anywhere.
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Yes soon after 3 months I'll pass out my school and might move to other city for further studies...but then also my friends are trying to establish a relationship between us.
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Is this your first crush? Won't be your last, just enjoy it
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No, it's not my first crush I had a girlfriend earlier but I'd never had this feeling I always think that at what moment I'll be able to see her smiling..
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Don't let her get away. This might be the love of your life.
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Does she stare at your crotch popping wood ?
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