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Is it Normal that i like Coke (Drug) ?
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Hey i'm from down south and i just have this problem which i think is okay but my friends on campus say it's bad it's gonna mess my life up.... But honestly it made studying and learning alot better.... What do ya'll think ??
Thank you in Advance
Valdosta, Georgia VSU
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I'd stay off the shit, purely because once you get used to the "joys"(overconfidence and whatnot), it'll get a hold of you to the point where you're throwing all of your income and time into just getting coked up. I'd just either take it on occasion or jack it in completely and find a more reasonable vice, like weed or booze
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If you study high make sure to take the test high. I forsee nothing but good things to come of this.
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If he studies whilst high and take the test high he will get high marks
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Switch to Pepsi
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A lot of people like coke, sure.
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It's completely harmless and you can quit anytime you want. Once you graduate and find a job, you can steal copy paper to support your habit.
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I would advise that you do a more long acting stimulant to save money.....
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Fuck all you assholes!
Dumbass never said what he's taking..
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It sure makes sex a lot more intense
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