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Is it normal that I like orange peel.
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I just love eating orange peel, not a lot just a taste with each orange. I love the chewy texture and the bittersweet taste. Is this normal!
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No. But it's not a bad thing.
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i take that back. a lot of chinese restaurants put orange peel in there orange chicken. So normal, i suppose. Also its where most of the oranges nurtrients lay.
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I eat the peels too and not just oranges any citrus fruit. I also eat the cores of apples and pears.
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Some people would find this odd, I like to eat an entire apple, along with stem and seeds. We have something in common, so normal.
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Well my dad, who was extremely poor as kid in Greece, told me that to him orange peel was a treat.
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If you put flouride toothpaste on an orange peel and eat it, you'll get high. Seriously. Look it up. Give it a whirl.
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Yes! I love eating Kumquat peel.
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