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Is it normal that I like putting small objects down my penis?
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I like it when something is inside my penis. At first I was using a chopstick or a pen, but from time to time I can't resist and use small round things like jellybeans or smarties.

I am afraid that someday they will not come out, but after I start masturbating I just can't resist the urge to insert something into my penis. I like the feeling of semen pressure when I ejaculate with my penis hole blocked.

I can't imagine surviving a week without doing it. Sometimes I think of putting something bigger there as the hole is already really enlarged but I don't know if it would be healthy to do that.
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I'm not a doctor, but I don't think this is good for you. Be careful because you don't want to get an infection.
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It's totally normal!

As a matter of fact, there is this toy called a cock-plug:

They're quite a nice thing, really. My bf loves them. You don't really need to be into BDSM to like them. We're certainly not attracted to BDSM, but he loves cock plugs, and I love watching him get so hot over them. Blowjobs are just so much better for him after he's had something in his urethra. It's just how some men's bodies are. There is nothing wrong with it.

BDSM shops are the easiest place to find cock plugs, though. You may want to buy them online because it may be akward thinking you are the only one in a BDSM shop who really isn't into that sort of thing. Obviously, you can use the links I gave you.

Enjoy them!

- Holla back at your sex+ feminist sistas!

<3 Krisna
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One more thing, the urethra is a very sensitive place. Just be careful not to plunge to harshly as you might irritate yourself, and also be sure to keep your toys very clean and sanitary before and after you use them. Obviously, if you think you might have a bladder infection, put off inserting anything into the urethra.

Otherwise, enjoy your newfound fetish!

<3 Krisna
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Oh, and also?

It might be important.
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yes and also it make your penis bigger
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I have been inserting things into penis and bladder for 50 years , after I got my first catheter that felt great going in to empty a full bladder after Ether used on me.
Over time the urethra becomes less sensitive to the toys. Always wash, Chlorine wipes are great, lube good, go slow and any burning or bladder pain see doctor. Yes, I have had UTI's and one ER visit where a tube was carefully removed. For a beginner, I suggest a washed 3 times, doubled tight USB cord well lubed and go in very slowly. Most of these cords can reach bladder but do not attempt on first try. Yep, this is not normal and if you get two or more UTI - talk to doc about your fetish habit you have. Folks this stuff is a medical practice and done outside a doc office may break some laws, just be aware of that.
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Like the above person said, not a good idea. Can you imagine the embarrassment of a trip to the emergency room. Not to mention the backup pressure put on your inner tubes & duct work. Just sounds like you could really fuck yourself up.
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^ This
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I heard that there is a sex toy for doing this. I can't see how anyone could enjoy it though
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That just seems like a really bad idea. Shouldn't that hurt?
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