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Is it normal that I like to drink until I pass out?
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Whenever I drink I like to drink until I don't remember anything. I get really upset when I drink and I usually end up saying things I regret but I keep doing it anyway.
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Your drinking is a sign of burying pain! Also sounds like your an alcoholic!
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Sounds disturbing.
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That's a pretty big drinking problem. Honestly, I feel you because I've deliberately gotten myself wasted before...not just with alcohol either. Please talk to someone, or get help. You're going to mess your body up.
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Social drinking? Because if your friends are doing the same you might want to find other friends. Don't worsen addiction with peer pressure.
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Bad path to travel. I'm no saint, and, admit to going out and having too many at times, however, never passed out b/c of it. You have to know when to stop. Worse, my ex-wife was a rabid, raging alcoholic (which is why she's my ex-wife), and passed out in our bathroom more than once. Who knows how bad she was the two times she stayed at a hotel because was too drunk.

Something is definitely wrong, mentally, if your intent whenever drinking is to get so loaded you pass out. Some inner, severe pain is taking over.
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Seems like you need some change man/woman. Do you know why you like to drink that much? Do you feel depressed or anything, because that could be the reason why you drink till you passout
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If you still function and can take care of yourself in some way, deal with life however it works for you.
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I've only really got drunk a few times, and not even to the point of blacking out, and frankly it was quite unpleasant, I don't see the appeal.
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It's normal for an alcoholic. You need to seek help for your drinking problem. Good luck.
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