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Is it normal that I like to Fart in my dogs face?
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Is it normal I like to Fart on my dogs face? Literally planting their face on my butt and just letting one rip.
They are loud and smelly and usually my dog starts sneezing and rubbing it's nose against the floor but I find it amusing and I can't bring myself to Fart anywhere else.
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Comments (15)
I hope he rips you a new asshole, asshole.
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as long as you dont force it then its funny but if your like jamming their head into ya butt then you need to rethink your life lol
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I do not see anything wrong with this.
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No not bloody well normal.ffs
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I like to poop on my cat's head.
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@: gyuigio
i fucking laughed
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Im sure they appreciate it very much. Unlike humans i don't think animals can have fetishes. Hopefully they become smart enough to get at some of the gassiest foods in existence, hold that son of a bitch MOAB inside their guts and wait for you to be lying down and then LET RIP THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!
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Who cares? It's just a dog
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Just remember that you heard it here first. Dogs bite. And when your dog bites out a piece of your ass, ponder on the concept that you asked for it.
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I bet you love him sniffing your ass!!
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Pets love to sniff shit, dogs especially. Dogs smell like shit and they sniff each other and they sniff shit. They literally seek out shitty odor. I like to make sure my fart is meaty af and let the cat have it right in the face. He usually shakes it off like a cartoon. Side note: If you let your dog on the bed your bed smells like shit and so do you.
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Abuser. The dog obviously doesn't like it and u keep doing it
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Lmmfao. I'm in tears laughing!
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I have never tried farting directly on my dogs fave if I cup my own farts and put my closed hand next to his face he will use his snout to try burrow the fart out of my enclosed hand
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I think its fucking halarious!!! Sexy too
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