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Is it normal that I like to feel my friends' hand and foot calluses?
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I love the look and feel of calluses, no matter where they may be. My ex boyfriend started lifting weights, and after the first month, I noticed he had some calluses near the base of his fingers. When I come over to visit him I rub on them, as well as the calluses I find on his toes. He does not like this and refuses to let me feel them. I feel them when he is sleeping.

I also have done this with friends. At a party I saw a boy had some calluses on the sole of his feet. I began to rub the calluses on his feet, telling him I was so fascinated by them.

I don't know why I like calluses so much. When people say they play guitar, I get quite excited.
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Callus Fetish.
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I have calluses on my feet.
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Ew sorry girl but that is sooo gross and weird...but hey, some people are into puke and smelling farts. Ur fetish isn't that weird lol I'm sure there's a calluses covered boy out there for u somewhere ^^ <3
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I like to give my friends cigarettes.
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