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Is it normal that i like to spy on my dad
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As i stated in other story, i feel i'm in deep love with my father. i dont stop thinking how i can attract him to me as a lover. i know that he is attached to me as his unique daughter and he loves me so mush as a father but this isn't enough for me.
i always try walk arround nude when i finish my shower and cross in front of him, but his unique re-action is smiling than turn his head and asked me to go dress. i like to spy on him while taking his shower and very rare i could catch him while musturbating in his room. i got an idea is to invite him to spend a day in a naturist camp on the beach, like this he will be obliged to see my naked body as well i can his body and the special part of it. i'm not sure that he will accept , would like to know from you if your daughter invited you to such place what will you do??
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I have the same your erotic fantasy, but for me it is just fantasy...
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Stop posting this bullshit. Where the hell are the moderators on this site?
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Unless he has already made the decision in his mind to cross this sacred line, then he will not be fond of the idea!
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This is sooooooooo sick. When will you ever start to think of somebody else than yourself? You're the chick that dies a horrible death at the end of the movie, and everybody goes; "Finally, she just got what she deserves"
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Hun, this is fucked up on many many levels. Sorry I can't offer you anything more
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if u were my daughter id think "wow, i did a pretty crap job of raising her"! then id vomit uncontrolably!
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Trolls make me laugh
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No, that's sick!
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Any update on this situation?
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