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Is it normal that I like to touch my vagina and smell my fingers?
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I like to touch/scratch my vagina (and sometimes butt hole) and smell it through out the day. I don't have any STD's and it's not anything sexual, I just like smelling my vagina. I've done it ever since I was little, and my mom didn't like it. I wish I could stop just because I don't constantly like having my fingers up to my nose. Not to mention I'm not always near a bathroom to wash my hands before or after, and touching my vag with unwashed hands and going back to work with vag hands isn't ideal. I also let my husband smell my fingers, and he loves the smell. Sometimes at night when he feels me touching myself under the covers (because he knows what I'm doing) he'll ask if he can smell it too. Haha boy, I hope this is normal, or at least I hope I'm not the only one out there who does this.
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this is fucking hot....
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My sister used to do it all the time and it really fucked me off, it was disgusting, not because she did it but because it fucking stunk. The smell used to linger in the air and on the telephone etc. God forbid she made you a drink and you could smell her vag juice on the cup. It was horrible and i always wanted to say something but i didnt want to hurt her feelings. I know we are all animals but any of you who do it, think about all the people around you and get some fucking manners
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Um thats very very very very minor compared to the stuff I do...I finger myslef and suck my tits constatntly lol
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Itching your privates has nothing to do with STDs.

Even clean people like to itch those areas. Scratching your flesh releases endorphins in your body... which leads to pleasure. (unless you scratch so hard you break the skin).

I would however recommend not putting your fingers so close to your nose/mouth after scratching your rectum. Fecal material was never intended to be reintroduced into your body by way of your mouth or nose. This is why people who don't wash their hands after they take a dump often get sick...
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I voted no, but my old gf's friend used to do this, quite openly. we'd all be sitting at her house watching a movie, and she woudl do that and smell or lick her fingers casually.

One time when it was just the two of us in teh room at the moment and she did it, I confroted her about it. She let me smell her fingers, and they actually smelled nice. Not stinky at all.

One time at a party, she let me lick her fingers, she stuck them in her, then I licked them again. I stopped after taht bacuase my gf would kill me if she found out.
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As a kid i would put my fingers down there and then spent my time sucking my thumb and the other finger would be right under my nose, taking in deep breaths of that glorious smell ! Whatta u want, some of us are just born more sexual then others. No harm in that! :)
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Thats exactly what i'd do too!! Only I sucked 2 fingers instead of my thumb. But totally smelled my fingers at same time, just let them hang out under my nose with my other finger in my mouth. I thought it was just me alllllll these yrs. Ha!
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@: metooo
I did the two finger thing too at least I'm not the only one that dose this.
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That is extremely hot! I wish my wife did that id be sniffing her fingers all day long. Id probably have blue balls by the end of the day if she didn't do me at night. HOT!
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I love my smell... I thought I was possibly the only one. I think I should bottle my pussy and sell it.... Its such a sweet scent
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This is so intoxicatingly normal and quite hot as well. I'll say one thing your husband is one very lucky guy. I love the smell of a woman's sex and especially her ass. If I was him I would be asking you to do it all the time even if you weren't... and in public is even better. I love girls who are inclined to be naughty in public. Give me those fingers girl I wanna smell em'... I wanna know!!
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Hahahah! This has made my day. I was and still am ashamed of this habit. It kind of hurts after a while and it annoys me to be always doing it. I also worry that it's something to do with anxiety (irony!) and my conceptions of sex.

But it's really cool to see so many people saying they do it and like it. Power to you all, I guess it's not as weird as I thought.

Thanks everyone :)
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"going back to work with vag hands" hahahahaha

Be careful sticking your dirty hand in your panties
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