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Is it normal that I love eating my boogers?
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Whenever I'm alone I pick my nose and I love to eat what I dig out . I think I love the taste , I don't really know ,I also love the smells of myself down there and I'm really ashamed but my farts . I know I'm going to be laughed at .
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Fuck_iin3 is wrong. I have done that, and still do so on occasion tbh. Is supposed to be healthy/good for your immune system from the last article I read on the topic; IDR where sadly
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Another weirdo on The Site For Freaks and Perverts!!
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put a little salt and spices on them, or saute them
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Thanks , I actually do it also . I could never admit to that like you did . You rock babe!
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Fuck off back to Mexico!
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You should save them up and when you have a large amount, you could spread them on a slice of bread and have a booger sandwich.
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