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Is it normal that I love my boyfriend, but also hate him sometimes?
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Ok. I've never even thought of posting something online for advice, but I'm really interested in someone else's opinion. I have been dating this guy for 2 years, and have been in love with him for 3 years. When we are happy, we are really really happy. Which is most the time, and its amazing how we are together. He makes me laugh, knows me better then anyone, and is my best friend. There however is a problem, he really hurts me when we fight. Like he can be really insensitive and hurt my feelings a lot. When we're fighting he sometimes gets inpatient when were on the phone and just says mean things so that he can get off the phone, or sometimes hangs up. It hurts me a lot and I'm always left crying and contemplating breaking up because I hate how he makes me feel in those situations. It's like I'm always wondering, "Is this normal?" am I supposed to feel this way. Like is it just stuff that happens in fights? Afterwerds though, like the next day, I just want to make up with him and be happy again because I love him and i hate fighting with him and we talk some and we're over it. Until the next fight. Am I crazy for staying with him? Is it normal to love somebody but completely hate them during a fight? I love him so much though that I don't ever have the strength to follow through with breaking up because I can't imagine life without him. I know I could find a guy who might be nicer and not hurt my feelings like that, but to me I'd rather be with him because I love him more then anyone and thinking of being with anyone else is unbearable to think about. Anyway, sorry I rambled. It's just a heated subject with me and I haven't talked to anyone about it really so I just need to get that off my chest. I'd really appreciate advice.
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Normal people have arguments with their spouses, but in good relationships, the arguing never dominates one person over the other and there is no name-calling or physical roughness (except in the bedroom, wink-wink).

You could also control how "hurt" you feel after you have an argument. That is something within your control.
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Everyone argues, as long as you get over it you are fine. Don't give up so easy.
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Although it's going to Hirt you're going to have to have the courage to break your own heart. It might be really hard and you might not like it. Try talking it out with him first though see what he thinks and if he's genuine and sorry then forgive him but if it continues you're going to have to end it for your own sake.
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