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Is it normal that I love to have my urethra stuffed with a toy?
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Either a set of glass urethral beads or a sharpie or anything that will fit. In and out, like most masturbation or just in all the way and stay this way for hours. Better to drink lots of water to fill up bladder. Big bonus if pee runs out uncontrollably.
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There are lots of safe urethral toys on the market. Be sure to sanitize your hands and use a sterile field before you insert them. I have to stick tubes (catheters) up my cock sometimes so that I can piss. It is very unpleasant but at least managable. Having erectile dysfunction, now that is pathetic. It is a ball and chain on your soul. You feel forever condemned to anguish and emptiness.
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Stuff it full with a sharp knife.
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Try a cock , they work wonders.
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Don't be silly, attention seeker.
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It's not "normal" but also not incredibly uncommon.
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Since they have toys for that, it's normal. Just make sure you don't hurt yourself while doing it.
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Its an outie, not an innie.
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It's probably not healthy.
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