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Is it normal that I love to lick my wife's ass?
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I just discovered that I like to lick my wife's butthole. We tried it the other night and I just love it....she loved it drove her wild. I did this two nights in a row after she got out of the shower. She cleans very well and it tasted good. However, I got concerned with safety and started doing research. I notice the sites always say for best safety to use protection but to me that takes away from it. It excites me to actually lick her butt with my tongue. Whats the safest way to do this with no protection? Is it ok as long as she washes very well?
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Comments (15)
I love doing this to my wife.
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I Love and Enjoy doing This To My Little wife Too!
And It drives her Crazy...It is Totally safe especially
when you solely have just One Lover and partner!
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This is a safe thing to do.

Obviously you're educated people, otherwise you wouldn't have been concerned and worried about yours and your wife's well-being.

Saying that, you're both clean of STDs I'm assuming, so it's perfectly safe.

The most you have to worry about, is an anal discharge >.< I personally like doing this as well
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I've been doing this for a few years to my woman and I've yet to catch anything; she does often have a bath in the evening admittedly so she's very clean but kissing and licking her ass in enjoyable for both of us. I enjoy it if she's sitting on my face and some nights I'll be kneeling behind her while I really go for it and give her a good rimming. If she walks into the room tonight in her t-shirt that means I'll be kneeling to give her ass a good seeing too before bed
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hi,,,friend,,same here,,i also love to smell and lick gilr's ass,,,ummmm its turn me on very heard
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I lick my wife's butt on a regular basis. I love doing it and she doesn't mind one bit. It can be before we "fool around" or simply to get an occasional taste from time to time... and never have I become sick from any bacteria or anything. I especially like to give it a spontaneous licking in the morning while she is asleep and hasn't prepared for it. When I spread her cheeks and see how moist the opening is, I will lick just inside that opening. Sometimes the flavor is quite bland, while other times the flavor is, well, let's just say it's very natural. That flavor can change from one day to the next as well, and the exciting thing is I never know what to expect. I wouldn't even think of licking it right after she pooped or anything like that, but otherwise getting a taste of her anus is a major turn-on. Especially in the morning. If I'm not horny enough to actually lick there, I will slip my finger between her cheeks and, after a little exploration, taste my finger. Just to see what the "flavor of the day" is. In my experience, the sweetest tasting part is slightly inside, maybe a quarter of an inch in there. If you put your fingertips on each side of her anus and open it, you will see what I'm talking about. It's where the folds end and the pink starts. It's delicious! And very VERY addictive, so be forwarned :)
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I love to lick my wifes asshole. She says she doesn't really care about it one way or the other but she always moans when I do it. I love to bury my face deep in her ass and see how far I can get my tongue into her ass. I love the taste and have never gotten anything from doing it. Her asshole is always clean. Something about the taste and smell of her asshole that gets me rock hard like nothing else.
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hey I have even fell asleep inside of my wife's Ass
That's How much I love it...she's so Clean and sexy!
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nothing better
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I remember when I had a girlfriend who was 3 years older than me she was 18 and I was 15 we would have sex and I would see her butthole when doing her in the pussy from behind and her butthole had a brown ring around it and lines and I put my finger in her butthole and she liked it and I sniffed my finger and the way her butthole smelled made my dick even harder ( NOT like shit) her butthole smelled dirty and stinky, then I putt dick far deep in her butt and started fucking her in the asshole and she loved it, and I couldn't belive she was 3 years olde tan me and my dick was in her pussy and ass
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I love it and so does my wife. At first she would resist and tell me not too. The more turned on she gets the easier it is to persist and get to lick her beautiful bunghole.

Now she rarely resists. She moan like crazy. Loves it when I lick her pussy first. Then lick in between . Then move to the Arse. Eventually I can convince her to let me insert a finger too. She goes mad

Huge turn on. Makes her cum hard too!
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i love to stick my tounge up her ass i want to eat food from her ass
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I enjoy kissing, licking, and sucking my wife's asshole more than anything else. Sometimes when I take her from behind I see her bung-hole 'winking' at me and I have to stop and lick it throughly. I love tongue-fucking her anus! I try slipping my tongue as far up her ass as humanly possible. When we're in the car, I push my finger-tip into her ass, up to the first knuckle, I love holding my finger up to my nose and inhaling her aroma. My wife is very clean, so I have no qualms with sucking my finger tip to taste her ass. My wife is lithe, with a nice heart-shaped ass which I adore. I cherish this woman of mine and enjoy making love to her as much as three times a day. She knows how to turn me on, from the pose she strikes in bed to how she walks! She is my dream woman!
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Unfortunately I feel the same about my wife, and she knows it. Her ass drives me crazy & it's all I think about.
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