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Is it normal that I love to listen to Death Metal and then Classical?
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I like to listen to Death Metal to drain away my energy and then I put some Classical just after I'm done with Death Metal. They are almost opposing genres so maybe it's kinda odd.
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No, it's not odd. It likes what it likes, precious.
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They're not opposing genres, and all 'classical' means is it was written down as dots on paper by the composer. It's the same set of notes and structure used for all types of music. Some classical sounds like metal and some classical sounds like Barry Manilow.
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You have quite an eclectic taste in music and there is nothing wrong with that! Music fills the soul and grows the intellectual!
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Seeking balance through contrasts....................
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metal has roots in classical and jazz. i like listening to the old stuff myself. your musical tastes are normal
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Of course this is normal. The urge to listen to death metal is sent by the devil, and then Jesus overcomes this vile urge and you suddenly want to listen to classical.
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People can like a lot of things. It's like assuming people who like Anime are in the deep end of the wacky personality spectrum.
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