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Is it normal that I make awkward gurgling noises with my throat?
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This is. SO. WEIRD. It`s extremely awkward and it sounds like growling, kind of like purring.....O_O If that makes any sense. Ok for example, I was writing an exam in English today, and suddenly this weird noise comes on and I`m like: Ok, I hope nobody noticed...And then someone asks: Okay who growled just now? And I`m sitting there thinking: Oh god. Oh. God. OH. GOD. Keep moving, pen; don`t make it look suspicious. Anyone know what this is?
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Does it happen when you open your mouth to yawn? Because my throat makes weird noises sometimes when I open my mouth to yawn.
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same here!
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I can purr. I have to move my jaw up and down in order to do it but i can.
I also get those weird noises that come out of your throat when your about to yawn as squirrelgirl described.
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