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Is it normal that i masturbate to my sister.
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When my older sister would go to work i would sneak in her room and take a pair of her panties and masturbate while wearing them fantasizing about fucking her. there was even one occasion while she was getting ready for work i was laying on our couch covered up and started masturbating while watching her get ready she was wearing skin tight pants. i still think of fucking her.
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It sounds normal to me. A guy has to masturbate to somebody. I too would want to fuck a sexy sister in tight pants. Just couldn't help my self. Incest sometimes happens, and sometimes it does not hurt anyone. My wife was involved with three brothers and they all survived it without any severe problems. I was involved with my mom as a youth, and I am screwed-up, but at least I did not become a psycho serial killer.
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Now that just some SICK ass shit. You seriously need to get yourself some help, therepist, pych ward, or maybe your parents.. buddy Im not joking thats just soo wrong its not even right.
Do yourself a favor and stop all those things, fight your "erge" to think of your sister that way, trust me when you get a lil older (cuz Im guessing your young) you WILL understand why all these comments say what they do.
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No this isn't normal. This is your sister. She's out of bounds. Turn your attention away from her and start concentrating on other girls you know. She isn't intrested. This is incest so put her out of your mind and get a life!
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No, must you even ask?
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life a life dude
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Wanna be incest hillbilly. Go get a life.
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dude thats fucking sick man go find yourself a fine piece of ass bone her really good and never look at your sister like that again because that IS FUCKING DISGUSTING MAN!!! and fuck no thats no normal that str8 fucked up in every single meaning of wrong so stop that shit because your gonna end up with a fucked up life and your gonna die being a sick ass.
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