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Is it normal that I might like girls and wont admit it?
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I live with my boyfriend I am in my early 20s and have always been with boys only but I have always secretly liked girls. I have made out with girls (note: a girl) while drunk, and I have told a girl I know I have a mad crush on her (she likes me too (YAY?)) but I still LOOOOOVVVEEEE my boyfriend. Me and my boyfriend even got engaged but I had to call it off (he needed a wake up call)
POINT BEING!: I live with my boyfriend, whom I love very much and I KNOW he's the one for me, but I REALLY like this girl too... and I dont know if I should admit that I might/am bisexual and tell my boyfriend or if I should shut up and forget about it cause I already have a boyfriend. Is this a normal problem?
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Being bisexual does NOT entitle one to have a girlfriend AND a boyfriend at the same time. You need to rethink getting married to someone when you have hidden desires. It's impossible to label your boyfriend as "the one" and say you're so in love with him...yet you're thinking about another person. Being bisexual isn't a free pass to be a fast ass. How would you feel if he was saying all of this about another girl? It would be the same thing. Sorry to be so harsh but you're about to make a big mistake.
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You'll just have to make your mind up about it, either the guy or the girl.
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I think you just admitted that you are bi to yourself right there. If you love him you won't lie to him in the first place and you wouldn't be flirting with anyone else, male or female.
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I agree with Randomjelly, although I'd have some sympathy as it sounds like you are just at the point of working out what it is you like. Everyone changes, and what you wanted a year ago may not be what you want now.

I also agree with joeaverage and puppyface. You need to be fair to the person you're with and need to make up your mind. I understand it's difficult to be torn like this, but other people's feelings are involved too. I say this as someone who was the last boyfriend of a woman who turned out to be gay. She handled it brilliantly and because of that we're still extremely good friends. Be careful, and do the right thing!
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i dont think you are ready to settle down with one person yet. you want to explore more which is natural. i think you should take a break with your boyfriend and explore the world of women (which is wonderful) and then decide who you want to be with. i think you will regret not taking that chance later on and resent your boyfriend for it. but taking a break could work against you too. he will probably get jealous and freak out and will never want to see you again. in saying that though, i think you need to make a choice.
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Being curious is very normal. A bunch of years ago a buddy and I were partying, drinkin a bit, and just straight out I told him I wanted to know how it would feel to have his c**k in my mouth while I gave him oral. If you get married and dont explore that part of you, it will make you wonder all along, what if, and why didnt I, or I wonder how it feels to blah, blah, blah with another female. Go out and do what you need to do BEFORE you make a commitment. He might be the 1 guy on the planet that wont want his gf/wife (you), to be with another female in your bed.
Im sure you will enjoy it, in life we take steps, each step leads us to where we are today. the steps you take later on might add a whole new realm of reality and adventure to life. Take that next step. Or "50 years from now, don't you want to say you had the guts to get in the car" <-- from the 1st Transformers movie. DO IT, DO IT,,,, Go Have FUNNNNNNN...
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