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Is it normal that I never did team sports?
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I have had never played team sports in my life. Never played on a formal team in my life. Most of this was because I wasn't completely exposed like my parents never watched sports and spent most of my time at my grandmothers house after school scootering, drawing, going to beach, playing with stuff and watching tv. I also did swimming on weekends and did karate since I was 6. While other kids with "normal" parents were playing baseball and soccer with their kids and were signing them up for leagues. So now, I think I am too old to be scootering and drawing all day and am no longer interested in guitar or karate and I am constantly miserable because I have nothing to to do, while other people in my class are going to their baseball and soccer and I am home doing nothing and miserable because I think it's too late to do anything. My parents keep on saying I didn't want too play, but they never signed me up for a league once to even see how it is. They did sign me up for karate, guitar, sports summer camps, etc.
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I've never liked sports as a kid or adult. It led to some 'outcast' stuff as a kid, getting picked last in compulsory school games teams etc. never supporting any football team when "who do you support" was a standard kid question (in Britain this is) , but I could never pretend to be into stuff I wasn't into!
I too loved scootering and drawing.. Now have motorcycle and still draw stuff when the mood takes me.. Never too old for enjoying what you enjoy!
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How are you "too old" for drawing? Since when did art have an age limit?
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who the fuck cares about participating in team sports? just do what YOU enjoy, don't look at what people around you expect you to do, fuck them. you care too much about what people think and society's expectations, you don't have to feel bad for not doing something some random people around you are doing..martial arts and music are cooler than throwing balls with a bunch of idiots anyway
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Don't feel bad. I was never on a team either. I made up for it beginning in my 20s. Who knew that I would have turned into a total jock? Fitness and health can become a way of life for some of us.
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