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Is it normal That I orgasm when I poop?
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It's not all the time, but sometimes when I poop it feels really good and I orgasm
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This is a very interesting concept and it's seems like you got lucky if it feels that good to do something so... necessary, no... natural as relieving yourself.
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Yes it is normal to become erect as your poop passes the prostrate and opens your anus. Some males begin experiencing this at the ages of 13 to 15 and some will become focused on watching themselves in a mirror and expand exploration to playing with and smearing their shit on their butts and jacking off with a handful of hot mushy poo. You can google the term, coprophilia and learn more about the role of feces in human sexual behavior.
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Oh GOd . that is so disturbing Im off this site forever I am so scarred right now 00.
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This happens to me when I eat a fried egg burger.
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