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Is it normal that I prefer wearing women's socks?
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I am a male, but I prefer wearing women's socks instead of men's socks because I find them more comfortable to wear. I only wear athletic ankle socks. Is this normal?
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Comments (14)
I often wear girl's socks aswell, you are not alone!
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I wear my bro's socks all the time, i don't notice a difference
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Benzoate nailed it right on the head!

No need to fret mate, ankle socks can't even be seen with shoes on so what does it matter?
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I thought the only difference between men's and women's socks was that men's sizes are bigger?
Socks are socks!
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Men socks look rough and thick. Women's socks look more comfortable in the shops. So it's understandable.
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dont worry its normal to wear girls socks its not like anyone is going to check your socks and comment about them its fine :)
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It's normal. I just don't know why girl socks are more comfy... hmm.
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it's all right ur not alone I wear them too i am wearing all the time
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Me too. Ever since I bought a pair, I can't find a good enough reason to take them off. They are too comfortable!! Will never go back to mens socks. They should make such types for men.
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I never thought regular socks were sexually dimorphic- you put two pairs of plain whites socks in front of me, and say one's male and one's female, I won't be able to tell the difference.

But if they're pink, then yeah, you're gay.
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I like wearing female ankle socks they are so much comfortable then boring male socks
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ive worn my wife's wigwam slouch socks before around the house. There really isnt anything more comfortable
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They're just socks, why would it matter? As long as they're not pink, I don't see what the big deal is. If they're all white, I wouldn't be able to tell a difference.
I wear women's low cut socks. They just fit better, since men's socks are a little too big for me and loose.
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I wear soft or fuzzy socks to bed, depending on weather. I started by wearing girls' ankle socks to bed. But I am now changing... looking for more masculine colors with similar attributes. Just a phase. We men sometimes try to act out what we want from women... I don't know why.
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