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Is it Normal that i quite a job after just five days
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I quite a job in a resturant because my fellow worker keeps bothering me and he take advantage of me becaause i am new, he asks me for tasks to do i did all what he said and i wanted to take a break but he said i shouldnt ! , i said that's not your buissness he called the manager and i dont what he said to him about me because they speaks in spanish , and without relizing what i did i said to the manager i dont wanna work here any more , he said it's all set no problem and i walked out . my question is should i expect 'em to send me a cheque or i should ask for it in person .

will the way i quite the job affect me in any way when i apply for another job i mean can the manager make a note for the reason i quite !
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To get your check, make sure to get into contact with the manager, and work out whether they send it to your address or have you pick it up. Make sure be polite.

For future jobs, your best bet is to not mention this on your resume, and not to use the manager as a reference.
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They will almost definitely not be sending you any money unless you chase it down.
Get it from them, and don't let them wriggle out of it.

He probably won't give you a good reference, but you've nothing to lose by asking. Just on the off-chance he's a nice guy.
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We all have to be the new face at some point. Lucky I don't have that problem.I have worked in the same company 36 yrs i finally made it to production manager I have a team of 10 under me
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It seems like they were trying to take advantage of you. You ARE entitled to your pay, regardless of how you quit. They can't withhold it from you for any reason.
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