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Is it normal that I rarely have feelings for people?
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I have only had true feelings for one person and now I am scared that it is super rare for me to feel anything towards others. Im completly detached from any sort of intimate feelings. I so desperatly want to start dating someone or even just fool around but it never feels right in the moment. Many people around me have some sort of interest in at least one person, but putting myself out there and forcing something never works out. Is it really that rare for it to be real between two people? Should I wait for the real thing or stop taking relationships so seriously and just try to have fun?
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If love never feels right, it's because the love you're projecting is flawed from the start. Chances are you don't love yourself enough to be able to reciprocate it.
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First and foremost you must be a bit of a narcissist before you will find true love!

People who do not love themselves cannot get other people to love them, it reflects in your actions when interacting with other people!

A good way to start with narcissistic behaviour is to stand in front of the mirror and reflect on all your good features, then enhance them ever so slightly and the opposite sex is sure to take notice of you! Hell even members of the same sex will take notice and start paying you compliments!

I love myself first and foremost, thereafter other people will notice how sexy I am!
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