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Is it normal that I really hate having dolls involved in death?
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For some reason, when I see a doll involved in death (ex: [from a film] A family is having dinner, a little girl is feeding her doll, suddenly, a bomb explodes in the house, killing everyone, the doll breaks out of the window), or when I see someone cutting a doll open, it triggers me.

[Spoiler Alert from the film "Downfall" starts here]

For example, when Hans Krebs got refused by hitler, he was left with no choice but to kill himself and his family, his little daughter is "feeding" her doll, he was hiding two grenades in his hands under the dining table, then he suddenly pulls the trigger, blowing up his whole family, the doll flew out of the window. Damn, it made me so sad..

[Spoiler Alert ends here]

Is that normal? Or is it just me?

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Nobody gives a fuck!
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I actually like seeing this because I fucking hate dolls.

But anyway, I think it's normal to feel how you feel, I get that way too over some things. I can't watch the movie 'Mousehunt' because I get so upset at the willy nilly destruction of the super cool old house. I also can't watch cooking segments on news or talk shows. This stuff causes actual physical discomfort for me.
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