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Is it normal that I roast myself on a daily basis?
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I roast myself everyday, no joke, on a average it would be about 5 deep burns and 15 small burns but I only say it to myself in my head, like sometime I would just think of something or have a thought and then I would have another inner voice just smashing and roasting me.
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As a bird, this makes me very uncomfortable..
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birdy I think by roasting he means burning his brain with painful or sad or angry thoughts or feelings.
His post is a little confusing. I don't know how should I respond.
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Lmfao i think you're right. I was so confused by this shit. Thanks for the clarification, probably the op. I believe this is something like a "cringe attack", pretty common from what I've heard
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Post pics of your mutilations so we can all enjoy them.
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@: xfg42
Sadly for us, it seems he was speaking figuratively
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Can't speak for other people but from my own life experiences metaphorical self-roastings are probably reasonably normal occourances.
Maybe not as often so frequently for most (but i don't have a say in that) but they still happen.
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