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Is it normal that I saw my dead grandmother?
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So one night last year I saw my dead grandmother. I was asleep in my bed facing the wall. I woak up and felt the bed pressed down on the other side of me *as if someone was sitting on the bed*. Then the bed went back to normal *as if someone got off the bed*, and I rolled over to look. There, walking out of my room, was my dead grandmother. She looked younger than I had ever known her to be and she was wearing house clothes. Later, when I talked to my mom about it and described what my grandmother was wearing, my mother said it was exactly what she would wear around the house. WTF!? Is this normal? What do you think she wanted? And why don't ghosts have manners?! I was trying to sleep for Pete's sake! ;-)
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Something similar happened to me before.
I woke up to feeling someone sitting on my bed, i felt the pressure of a body shift and move, when i looked up there was a random guy sitting there looking at me. of course i panicked, closed my eyes, and looked again, he was gone.
i described him to my mom and she showed me a picture of one of her cousins who resembled the man EXACTLY as i saw him, apparently he killed himself. she thinks he came to check up on us.

but yeah, i'll have to vote your story normal.rude ghosts and their late night visits, sheesh. maybe theres a time difference between the 'other side' and here LOL
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I believe our deceased friends and family do sometimes try to communicate with us. Most of the time its with dreams. Your experience sounds a bit frightening but it's nothing to worry about.
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maybe your grandma just wanted to check up on you. see how you are doing. nothing to be worried about. did you say anything to her? did she say anything to you?
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What do you mean when you say you saw her? Like in a dream? Because if you mean a dream then that's normal.

I myself have had a dream about my grandparents who died a few years back. I had one the other day in fact. My aunty was sick in hospital at the time and I had a dream where my grandma was cooking dinner and singing to herself cheerfully. I wrote it down and thought about what it meant and I figured it must mean that my grandma was warning me that everything with my aunty will be okay. Lo and behold a few days later my aunty was out of hospital and she was fine.
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it is a common thing that happened to you. many people get those types of visits, and they are always during the night.
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i have also seen my dead grandmother standing at the end of the bed and watcing me
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Lmao above...

But if that happened to me, I would freak.
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I would never doubt your experience I've no right to. I've had dreams about my dead grandmother. I think that's also away of them coming to you, but they come in a dream if they think that actually seeing them will freak you out. Your grandmother means you no harm she loved you (I don't doubt) in life and she still loves you now.
I had a rather strange dream a number of years ago, well it was that vivid I can't really be sure that it was a dream here goes. I went into my daughters room and I could see her a sleep in bed and I could hear giggling and I knew that I could see this little girl in my minds eye, but I couldn't see her if you know what I mean. and I said to her shocked I didn't know you were hear and her reply was you can't see me but I'm always here. and she said I'm always watching and looking after you. The little girl was about 6 years old at the time. before I had my daughter I had a late period 2 weeks, a pregnancy test was never confimed but I think instictivley I knew. (I believe this was her.) I also dreamed that she came and kissed me on the cheek and I could see her this time (black hair and green eyes). I woke up crying xxx
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This happens... I have never physically seen a family member, I heard my great grandmother speak to me the day she passed away, I wasn't scared at all I just took it as she was saying her goodbye. Years later she would come in my dreams and speak to me just asking how I was doing. As long as you're not scared then I think you should be fine.
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you sound insane, perhaps seeing a doctor would be a wise choice for you.
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I'll be the judge of that.
Honey, ghosts aren't real. I don't care how many "Down thumbs" I get. When god made us, we were to live til' it was time for us to die. When we die, we aren't flies on the wall. We're dead. We don't walk, talk, or see ANYTHING. Jesus compared death to a lit candle. Once that flame goes out, It has no light any longer.
I leave this question, not normal.
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