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Is It Normal That I Sometimes Want My Brother To Die In A Fire?
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My little brother is about eight or so and he's acting like a total pain in the arse. He always mimics what I say, hits me (and hits me in the ta-tas too, along with digging his nails into my flesh and drawing blood), threatens me, never leaves me alone, etc,. When he threatens me, it's about me doing something small like slipping a cuss word or something like that. He's always looking at my private stuff and art (no, I'm not drawing hentai and shit like that) and I want him to just watch him die in a fire or stab him repeatedly. He's in fact jumping around by my "Hater Blocker Fort" right now and I say stuff like "scram" or "shoo", but he doesn't. He doesn't understand the kind of crap I go through. Is any of this normal?
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Get a life you dirty ho
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Tell him to stop?
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make him scared of you and maybe then he will leave you alone.
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just don't act on it
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