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Is it normal that I sometimes wish I was a girl?
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Some of my earliest memory's are me even as a little boy wishing I was a girl. I would play with my sisters toys, steal her clothes and wear them to bed at night stuffing my top with socks... dreaming and wishing I was a girl. I think about it every single day, several times a day, all my life. When I'm not thinking about it, I'm fine with being a male. Is this normal? I'm 26.
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My wife once had a problem and asked me, "What would you do if you were me.". Without hesitation, I said, "Masturbate wildly in front of a mirror."
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This is certainly normal. I've always wanted to be a guy. I'm the biggest gamer girl in my class (school, even). I get along more with the guys generally than I do with the girls.
Trust me, you do NOT want to be a girl. It's not worth it, both physically and emotionally Dx
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Vagina envy? No, that's not normal at all. That's just outright scary O.o
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Yeah its normal. I play video games a lot and I was obsessed with pokemon and etc. and at the time I was the only girl who was like this and people used to tease me about this. I know now its normal for girls to do that but back then I almost felt like I wasn't meant to be born a girl. I'm happy being a girl now and I wouldn't change it but there are times where I wonder what would it be like if I was a guy. I would like to be a guy for like 2weeks to a month. I think that'd be cool
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what part of being a girl do you want to be?
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maybe it's just a curiosity abt the opposite gender.
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Are you gay by chance?
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It's normal. We live in a woman's world after years of feminazi rule.
Access to sex is trivial for women, very difficult for men.
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YOU ARE GAY!!!!And I'm not saying this the bad way.I mean,seriously think about it.Go to a shrink,what that means to you.maybe you should change the way you look at life
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