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Is it normal that I talk to myself....A LOT
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Hi I'm an 18 year old African American girl and I find myself talking to myself a lot and it's not simple talking through a problem or give my self a compliment or anything like that it's like having whole conversation out loud with someone that is not there and I don't really see the person but I do through like an object like a pillow and closet or door. I have these conversations out loud all the time and even in public sometimes. Sometimes with people I know like running through a senerio but often with this made up person in my head his name is Cole and he has been there for years he is like my boyfriend but I feel him its like he has a body with no face I talk to him all the time it's like I have this whole other world in my head the right one but then when I come back to reality it's not the same sometimes which is when I get the strong sense of Deja vu like it has already happened! Is something wrong with me?
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I talk to myself as well too, just try not to do it in public or they'll think you're crazy
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I'm guessing this would have started at a time when you were feeling lonely and isolated and has now become a habit.

If you're still lonely and isolated maybe you should do something about it, as in find some real friends to talk to.
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thats my habit
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