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Is it normal that i think about my ex every single day?
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Okay, so I met my first love when I was 11. And I know what you're going to say, "you can't love at 11". but I did, and I do love him, but he left to another country 4 years ago. We've tried to make things work, but it always end up bad.
Last time we were talking and stuff, i sent him some pictures of me naked, and he sent me some of him, and it was a step forward to our relationship. Something we had never done.
So basically this guy is, I think, the one. My first one, and the one I want to marry and have kids with... But things won't work!
So we "broke up" again, and i've been crying almost every day. I talk to myself, pretending he is there, and I daydream about us being together. But I think about it every single day, and it's driving me crazy!
Is this normal?
How can I forget him?
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Your a child, grow the fuck up
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He might not be the one, but you were young, attached and then it quickly ended. You're relationship wasn't 'terminated' properly, so you want it to continue, because in your head it never properly ended. This is reflecting in your wants to marry and have a life with him.
Unfortunately, he's far away, so I don't know how can do anything.. I'd just move on from it.
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