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Is it normal that I think about things and then later they happen?
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I will be sitting there thinking of something and then later either it will happen or something about it will come on the radio or TV. Example - three days ago I watched an episode of Desperate Housewives where a man got a boil on his butt. The next dayI got one on my butt. :( If I think about it happening when I think about it, it won't happen. And not everything I think about happens. Sometimes I'll just be thinking, What is a rhodendron, next thing I know a documentary on them is on my TV. Are these just a ton of coincidences or what? I don't think I'm psychic, I can't make major things happen, just little things happen about once a day. I think coincidences, what's your opinion?
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If they happen often maybe u have a gift :)
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I get that too sometimes, this phenomenon called synchronicity, please look it up on Wikipedia.
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law of attraction, or maybe ESP
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it happens to me all the time. it's weird bt im not complaining.
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All the time if me and another person are watching tv at the same time, i will think of something to say about it, and right after that if i dont say it the other person will say it. THis happens most often with my brother.
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I'm just following MashedPotato360.
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yes, it happens to me and my mom so frequently... at least 20 times a day
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HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME! I thought i was the only one! ha
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