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Is it normal that I think everyone judges people these days?
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Okay, this question is a little bit straight forward, but Im just so messed up by this. Last day, I received a message and some boys called me ugly and said they would never date me. I don't get offended by it, but I just feel that everyone keeps looking for a perfect stereotype of person, I just hate it!
Im not skinny, but I'm not really fat. I have braces and my teeth are kind of separated,I have long brunette hair and I keep seeing all this other blonde and beautiful girls being like (Im perfect) and I feel so bad about myself. How can I make this feeling stop?!
Most of my friends keep saying i am pretty (I love having them by my side) but... idk what to believe! I just hate being in this situation. Why can't people stop judging?
:Don't think I'm a psycho :)) I just hate haters
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The worst critics tend to be ourselves.
If your friends compliment you or say you look fine, believe them.
And it may not seem like it, but the blonde girls around you probably have something to be self conscious about, too.
A lot of people have that problem.

There are going to be MANY times where you ugly or inadequate, but there will also come a time where you look at yourself in the mirror and think that you look damn well cute.

Just take things day by day and appreciate what you do have.
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Who were those boys to call you ugly? Ugly people and people who don't like themselves put others down. I bet you're prettier than you realize and just because we can't all look like a supermodel doesn't mean we'really less of a person.
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People are insecure, that is why they judge people to feel good about themselves, secure people could care less if you exist or not.
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