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Is it normal That I Think I'm Annoying?
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Well in school sometimes people might think I'm annoying. I really don't know what I do most of the time but sometimes I do. Sometimes my friends will say something about it I'm not one of the ugly losers or anything I'm pretty average. My mom wants me tested for ADHD cause I have most of the symptoms. Any tips on how to not me annoying? Or what annoys people the most in school?
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If you do have ADHD, then medication will help. A person can be annoying for many reasons, all you need to do is realize what makes you annoying to others. I have a close friend who has ADHD and when he's off the pill he becomes very hyperactive and in your face, much to my dismay.
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You are f*ckin anoying!
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Am I being annoying? you look annoyed. If you think I am being annoying just tell me, just try explaining me what makes me annoying and I will do whatever I can do to stop being annoying. This is annoying.I am out of here.
Hey! I am just trying to be friendly here you know! You are being kind of annoying! Damn you are annoying.
How come you are so annoying? are you doing it on purpose or it just comes natural? Have you got a pen? I forgot mine home. You are such an annoying person.
What did the teacher say while I was gone? He said you are, kind of Annoying. Stop bothering me!

This is what I used to do in school. As soon as somebody told me or gave me reasons to believe I was this or that I just started saying it to everybody every chance I had.
Like: I suspect you people think I am annoying. That's just so annoying! Then someone came to me or said hi and I was like: Jee you are annoying.
Reversed psychology tricks. Or was I just being echolalically annoying? You people are annoying. Stop annoying me!
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Make sure you give people their own personal space and that you listen more than you speak.
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Look at the way you come across to others and change it.
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