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Is it normal that I think very deeply into beliefs and thoughts?
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I like to spend a good bit of my time thinking about what my concepts of belief, thought, and knowledge are composed of. After a while, I decided that my concept of truth really isn't as significant to me as my concepts of belief, thought, and memory. I came to this conclusion because I am unsure of whether or not I am capable of determining if something that I previously did actually ever happened, but I am capable of believing that it did and am capable of physically retreiving a memory that I associate to a hypothetical event that may or may not have occured. Maybe my memories were rearranged or maybe God placed them there, but I believe that I exist and that I have beliefs, thoughts, and memories. Am I normal for thinking this deeply into beliefs, thoughts, memories, and truth?
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I think it's fascinating too! Philosophy of the mind has always astounded me.
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Truth = reason. The similarity between your beliefs and the truth depends upon your ability to reason. Reasoning can be clouded by emotions, the desire to conform to the views of your fellow man, and the instinct to put faith in those who you view as being wise. No human being is wise, no one's opinion matters. Except yours.
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All thought and all feeling when it boils down to it are simply electrical and chemical impulses. If you can figure out a way to control them. Then you effectively control reality as you see it. I managed to achieve this it has come in handy many times. Deacitvating annoying emotional circuits, heightening certain senses on command, other things too. Its useful.
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whoa man wuts ur age i feel like theres a part of me w/in you just that i don believe god rearranges them, i create nother theory which satisfies my rational thinkin as well as my beliefs bout the structure of existence (ie. what can be real n wat cant) great pleasure seein sum1s thotz r beyond regular :D
Infact the real need of the hour is deep "rational" thinkers like you!

Greetings man you r blessed w/ fertile brain, a sound mind n strong concluding n creative abilities. Id love to meet n discuss w/ you in real
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Not normal by statistical standards, (considering how stupid the world is) but I voted it as so because it's a beautiful thing. I'm like that too, I don't believe in anything called the truth or right and wrong. Stay not-normal!
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Individuals that actually think for themselves are pretty rare. It's a good trait to have.
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Is man merely more then the sum of his memories? I say nay.
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You are very deep, i think its normal to think into to things but dont think about everything to much. i dont really belive in any religion, in my short life so far i belive that we all get reincarnated depending on how well our last life was and if you complete your journey of life, you go the otherworld. everyone has there own opinions.
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oops.....i mean*believe
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You sound very intelligent and no most people don't think about what you think on. Just don't get lost in the complexities of philosophy. Your wisdom is only so good as what can be passed on to the common man.

But that's the thing to understand: Wisdom's worth is founded in how effectively it can travel to the masses. Therefore make it simple, make it profound, make it memorable.
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I don't see how that's really deep. Anyway, I'd advise you read Pascal, he talks a lot of the "heart" something surpassing "reason" to assert a "truth".
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You need to suck a cock and focus on that and remember it as the first time you did something useful. And swallow too, Gives you shiny hair!
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