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Is it normal that i touched my friends penis when i was younger?
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When i was 14 and my friend 13 i was always curious about his "down under" but i wasnt and still to this day am not gay. Anyways i slept over my friends house and we had to sleep in his bed togeather because of a shortage of places to sleep (which wasnt norrmal) and he was exhausted and fell asleep, he slept in boxer as did I. I couldnt control myself and took a small little light pointer I always carried and went under the blanket while he was asleep, i first poked his crotch a couple times and then pulled down his boxers and strocked it very lightly so he wouldnt wake up. I left his boxers down and layed there for a second then he rolled over and his penis went right into my face his thighs were pushing into my cheeks.and he got an erection from his penis rubbing on my face. he eventually rolled over again and i pulled up his pants and fell asleep i woke up in the morning and my hands were inbetween his upper thigh rubbing against his penis it was because of the way my hand was positioned. i admitted to doing this weeks later, he was a little wierded out but i assured him i am not gay and we are still friends to this day.
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Yes. When I was 13 and my friend 14 we touched each other. Although he is older I had more pubic hair than him. When we were 17 and 18 we touched each other again, even tied our pubic hair together. We are still friends, he 30 and I 29.
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just curiosity
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I don't know what to say. I guess it's normal. Ish. I have dirty thought problemsand you have, well, that. So, I'm gonna say normal.
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