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Is it normal that I use reusable plastic cutlery?
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For the last 8 years, when I'm home, I only eat with reusable plastic cutlery.

To me it's not the sound it makes, it's the tooth feel. I had a lot of silver fillings before n hitting cheap cutlery against my teeth hurt. When I discovered reusable cutlery at Ikea 11 years ago, I thought it was great. I started off using the spoons but gradually started using the forks and butter knives.

Now, I don't have any silver fillings left, but I still use reusable plastic cutlery when I'm at home. I have a whole set just like how people have metal cutlery. My friends think I'm weird. Do you think I'm normal?
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At least it's not disposable...

I can't stand food in plastic stuff, so it's weird to me.
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I like solid metal cutlery that doesn't bend under pressure, so plastic is out, along with cheap metal stuff that bends easily. My favourites are all old silver plated Sheffield steel stuff collected from flea markets for pennies.
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As long as you're re using them and not throwing them out!!! :)
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