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Is it normal that i used to eat match heads as a child?
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When i was younger i used to eat the head of matches because they tasted good. now that i am an adult, i look back and wonder, oh god is that dangerous? i didn't know! i had to be about 8 or 9. yes i am talking about matches that you light candles with.
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It's actually a normal occurrence for pregnant women and children to do this. Goggle it. It means they are missing certain needed things from their diet.
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When i was little I wanted to do this but I thought that my stomach would catch on fire.
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cool i'm gonna try one next chance i get
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i used to eat ice when i was little because i was anemic.
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Mmmmmm... red phosphorus...
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It is stupid, I don't even know why someone would try that.
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I used to do that, it just tasted so salty and nice.
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I used to do that when I was little too. I have no idea why lol
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