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Is it normal that i used to eat match heads as a child?
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When i was younger i used to eat the head of matches because they tasted good. now that i am an adult, i look back and wonder, oh god is that dangerous? i didn't know! i had to be about 8 or 9. yes i am talking about matches that you light candles with.
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It's actually a normal occurrence for pregnant women and children to do this. Goggle it. It means they are missing certain needed things from their diet.
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When i was little I wanted to do this but I thought that my stomach would catch on fire.
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cool i'm gonna try one next chance i get
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i used to eat ice when i was little because i was anemic.
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Mmmmmm... red phosphorus...
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It is stupid, I don't even know why someone would try that.
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I used to do that, it just tasted so salty and nice.
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I used to do that when I was little too. I have no idea why lol
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It's not quite pica as many matches are made with either sulfur and/or potassium. Two things that could have tasted salty and are nutrients possibly missing from your diet. Many people take in only half the amount of potassium as the suggested amount or DRI ( Dietary Reference Intake ). I'd call that a pretty widespread deficiency with some pretty bad consequences. Sulfur containing foods are almost as important. ( Broccoli, Spinach ). Wherever you find b12 content high in foods, you usually find Potassium and sulfur together in it as well.
BTW I used to eat the heads off matches too!
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