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Is it normal that I want a girl to peg me
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I am straight, but I have an urge to by analed by one female & sucking the strapon of another female and to t hen kiss her feet. Is this normal?

Also, if you are a female ... please comment what you think about this & what u think most girls would think about this.
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Comments (6)
Love it! My wife dresses me up like a little sissy slut and pounds away while humiliating me! Not to mention the countless orgasms she makes me give her, its fun to role play and get treated like a sissy girl! Normal!!
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I did this to my last bf and we loved it. For me I'm fine pegging a guy as long as he meets my needs as well.
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It sounds like you just want to be dominated by a woman which is normal...maybe you could find a gf who is into that?
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TeresaBarry go it right! I've always wanted two girl to peg me. I only got one now & I satisfy her too
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You just covered the range of my fetishes. Strap-on domination and feet.
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