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Is it normal that i want girls to hump my face
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I've had this obsession with going down on girls since an early age. back then i wanted older girls-women to assert themselves on me literally ha ha on my face to their hearts content. now i search for younger women-girls who would like to do it to me on a regular basis to get their satisfaction and discard me like a used tampon until the next urge hits them to use my face to squat on like a toilet and dispense their pleasure into my mouth. i love the smell and taste of pussy and ass and i love to hear their sounds of ecstasy while doing it. are their any websites where it shows girls humping guys faces cumming on them because i haven't been able to find them. anybody interested in doing this to me?
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This is not a dating site. Anyways it's a normal fantasy. If you want to watch this kind of porn, just go on xvideos and type in 'facesitting'. I promise you won't be disappointed.
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my bf's been stressed lately. call me. haha yeah this is totally normal haha
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Yeah, no worries, honey.
It's normal.
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@: admirer
thanks babe love your profile pic BTW =)
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@: admirer
would you like to oblige me sweet thing?
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