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Is it normal that i want to be nude everywhere i go?
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I love walking around nude in my apartment or in my boyfriends just feels great.i am not shy at all.sometimes i feel like walking around naked wherever i go i just want people to see me nude.i've always had fantasies about it.i wish we'd all go nude and see each others bodies it would be so great.theres nothing to hide girls have breast and pussies and guys have dicks...if nudity was legal everywhere in the world i'd be the happiest. Is this normal?
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Hell Yeah!!!!!!!
i total agree i love walking around nude i love leting people seeing me nude. My only prob is that i am married nad she dont think the same. so she would get made at me if she new that i will show my self to anyone. I Vote Normal
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Total yeah

He'll no!!!! what a question?!?!
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i know you want i do lol =p
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Ur normal x]
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