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Is it normal that I want to have sex with a dog?
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Seriously! For some reason the thought of having sex, or even just letting a dog lick me turns me on! Is that normal?
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Knotup. thank you for your post. Really great to see that there is at least one person out there that understands this. Dogs are so freaking awesome to be with in a sexual way. Far better than any human..
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Kik me
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Heh, kinda turns me on too. So if you are abnormal, I guess I must be too. Personally, I don't think it hurts either the dog or the human partner.
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Reasons why a girl should have intercourse with her dog:

1. No chance of unwanted pregnancy!!!
2. Dogs do not spread STD's
3. Dogs do not tell (and so what if they do)
4. YOU are totally in control of when and where (if you don’t want him in you, send him outside or at a minimum keep your panties on).
5. Generally speaking...big dog, big penis... if you are into size then a dog has just the right penis. The knot on his penis is fabulous at stimulating the "g" spot. it also gives the "full" feeling during your orgasm that a man’s penis seldom is capable of doing.
6. They are able to stay erect for up to an hour or even more in some cases. (This can be a problem though if you are lucky enough to tie together with your dog and are in a rush to get off and get him out. if he is stuck, he is there until he finishes cumming in you)
7. A dog can have sex with you several times in a row and many times in one day.
8. A dog doesn’t care if you are fat or skinny, short or tall, blond or brunette, rich or poor. He doesn’t care if you are the most beautiful woman in the world or so ugly that you have to rub your face at night to make it stop hurting so you can sleep. He doesn’t care about the vanity of the human mind, your status in the community, or even if your arm pits and coochie stink. He will love his mistress unerringly and will protect his "mate" from harm.
9. He is likely going to be easier to train than a man ....have you really ever tried to house break a man? Good luck. It takes months to house break a dog but decades if you are lucky just to get a man to raise the toilet seat and then to put it back down.
10. A dog in the house allays its self to suspicion. Dogs have been a part of the human household for so long that unless you tell someone or are inadvertently caught, NO ONE will ever suspect that you are making love with your dog. They will just know that you are smiling a lot.
11. Even though you are taking a dog penis twice the size of your significant others you will shrink back to your normal size in a matter of minutes and "he" will never know.
12. Dogs ejaculate in buckets. it is wet and messy and you will gush a geyser of dog sperm when he pulls out....better have a towel ready:-) in the aftermath your human male will just think he has made you hot and wet due to his great sexual prowess. But you will know the real reason... one more reason to smile.
13. You will never be lonely. You will be the center of your dogs’ world. He won't leave you to go to a ball game or to get drunk with his buddies, and when you call him chances are good he will come running.
14. Dog sex? It is just plain old fun. Why else do you think that in a male dominated society women have been forbidden to "do it" with a dog? Simply put "men cannot compete, they just ain't got it where it counts and they know it".
15. Women have been having sex with all kinds of animals since the dawn of time but the dog is the one that is able to satisfy a woman the best. Maybe it is the shape or the placement of the dogs penis within the vagina and maybe it is the close companionship and bond we humans have with our closest animal friend.
16. He is not another man. So are you really cheating on your husband or boyfriend when you are enjoying the pleasure that you will find in the passionate animal embrace of "woman’s best friend"?
17. One thing is for sure, if you "do it" once, chances are good that you will "do it" again. And if you achieve a good powerful climax, which is most likely, you will continue to "do it" for the rest of your life. And by the way it may take a bit of getting used to the knot if you have a small vagina and your dog has a large penis but you will find that a little perseverance will pay off in a lot of great sex and lots of great high intensity orgasms. Don’t stop trying 'cause it hurt a little. Remember you were made to pass a baby through that same hole and no dog is that big.

good luck and puppy licks
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i and my gf want to try with dog so i want to know should the dog be trained first or normal is fine
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can anyone suggest me ??
trained dog or normal dog
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To those who had sex with dogs, don't you have any dignity at all? You lowered yourselves to the level of shit.

Fantasizing about it is one thing but actually doing it is not cool. It's plain wrong and you readers know it yourselves. Now, don't let sickos convince you otherwise.
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Yes i let my gf fuck my dog i love it
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@: Jensie
Your gf is so lucky. I wish I had a bf like you! I'm scared my bf would freak out && call me a slut if I asked him.
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I wish we could all have "dog lover" parties :-( . That would be a night to remember
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Having loving passionate sex with a huge dog that could bite the shit out of you, or your neck laying there totally involve and loving the action of sex with a human is freaking awesome. I've been doing it for 39 years, and have never had any problem with my dogs. They do not get tied up nor forced into the acts. Dogs are pretty much horny to begin with.
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try reading the other 100 posts about people screwing dogs. theres even one about a guy wanting to bang dead dogs. im sure you will be interested in that story.
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well as long as its your fantasy its normal, but it turns me on 2. so i dont really know 2.
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"That idea is so sick", I think. I don't know how the human being can create the stupid idea to satisfy their bestiality? I wonder they are boring to be human and want to be animal? human's DNA cant hybrid to dog's DNA, but if you increase time on it. it will appear soon. Have sex with animal is safe? Let go back to the history and see how HIV infect to human being???is it from animal? I know you know. if you keep your dirty mind, human will have serious desease soon. Uncutured is reason why we have all of dirty ideas. p/s: dog will take care and bring food for you when you get ill! Stupid
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Lolol dead dogs? Wow bestiality and necrophilliac all in one xD
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Ok now that's a bit weird. Even to me.
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ok but make shore the dog is up to it other wise he might do u for sexual harassment :L
its not really normal no.
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