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Is it normal that I want to shag my boyfriend all of the time?
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Is it normal that I want to have sex with my boyfriend literally all of the time?
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Comments (9)
Normal for a person having high sex drive.
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Isn't a shag a really fuzzy carpet?
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@: Neuria
No, it's a sea bird
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I always want to have sex with my boyfriend - he never says no (unless we're both reaaaaally tired) but he doesn't initiate it either due to confidence.

I think part of the reason I always want to have sex is because I hear so much stuff about sexless relationships and the girl always turning down the guy, and I do not want that to happen.

Plus, sex is awesome, so why would you worry it's a problem?
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it's not normal for women to have higher sex drive than men.
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Ha ha ha you're wrong you know! Otherwise why would we be capable of multiple orgasms?
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It's normal for slutty British women.
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@: Ebola69
Yes, because having sex with one person is slutty. Interesting definition.
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Enjoy it, after 8months or so, the rabbit stage leaves or you move on to another mate. I'd be game but my rabbit is now an old horse. enjoy it kido.
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