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Is it normal that I want to spend christmas alone?
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So to be honest, I don't love christmas. I don't spend a nice cozy christmas with close relatives opening presents together considering its just me and one of my parents. Instead me and my parent usually spend christmas at some friend's house or distant relative's home. I never like it, it's always been a cold atmosphere and quite awkward. I would rather spend it alone at my house (its not like I would feel lonely or anything) and have my mother go to her friend's house without me. The only thing I don't like about staying home alone is that I'll probably feel like I'm being judged by everyone who went.. (but I truly would enjoy spending it alone) So, is it normal that I want to spend christmas alone?
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Yea that's perfectly fine. Don't let other people's anxieties and judgements get to you. Do what you want
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I would love to do this. I intended on it this year, but then things went wrong :(

I say go for it.
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If I could spend the holidays alone, I would be in bliss. I think you should go for it:)
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Absolutely. It's better than spending a boring holiday with annoying or emotionally distant relatives. I would do this if I thought I could get away with it.
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Considering all that you've said it's probably best for you to stay home alone.
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I am jealous. I wish I could spend Christmas alone.
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Xmas/New Year has the highest rate of
1. Domestic squabbles and violence
2. Admissions to psych hospitals
3. Suicides.
It's not fun for me either. Every year I dread it because it means family and most people in my family don't get along. The dread that I feel as the date approaches fills me with the most awful foreboding, a feeling of terror that I can't quite explain or justify. I totally relate.
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I love the way you word things :')
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I went through a time like that. My dads a lazy guy, so all I got for christmas was a card with money in it. I woke up, came down stairs. He opened the presents I got him. I opened a card. Sure it's not about the presents, but I still hated it. I totally understand what you're saying.
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I think it's normal under your circumstances. If you loved Christmas and you suddenly wanted to isolate yourself on that day, then I would think that's not normal. A lot of people feel that way, including myself. I never had good experiences during the holidays so I always want them to go by as quickly and as quietly as possible.
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Ho ho fucking ho,
What a crock o' shit,
We all work for Santa Claus,
We've had enough, we quit
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