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Is it normal that I wear a coat inside my house?
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When it's late in the evening the heater gets turned off because it's too expensive to keep it on 24/7.
And the isolation is really bad in my house so it gets really cold inside in winter times.
We tried calling people to fix it but it didn't have much effect.
Is it normal that I wear my winter coat inside in the winter?
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How is it not normal
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Yes normal if it's cold.....
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yeah i do it to because my room windows leak cold air in when its winter sometimes i will sleep with mine on
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Remember - don't turn the heat OFF to save money. Just turn it DOWN.

Why? Because if your heat is off and the pipes freeze those few dollars you're saving won't make up for the hundreds of dollars you have in property damage.

Don't take your heat below 45. Really 50 is the lowest you should go if you're going to inhabit the home.
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I use to not wear a coat during winter outside walking to school in the snow for an hour. XD I hated them that much.
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It's a good idea any time someone comes to the door.

If it's someone you like you say you've just come in, if it's someone you don't like, say you're just on your way out!

Anyhow, to keep yourself warm without the expensive heating costs is always a good idea.
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I always loved it when a girl would keep her coat on fully zipped up indoors, especially puffy down and/or high zip collar ones; I just think they look so beautiful like that :)
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