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Is it normal that I would touch my brother when I was 9?
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I remember my brother made up this game called find my spot. He was 4 years older than me so he was about 13 12. Well, anyways the game went where he would pick a spot on his body and I had to guess where it was. It usually always ended with me giving him a h**ndj*b. I didn't think much about it then (because my brothers friend got me sexually involved with him too) but looking back on it I was like WTF was my brother thinking!? He was 13 you'd think he'd know better right? Well, anyway I want to know if this just happened to me or not. I also remember thinking of him being cute when I was younger so maybe it was mutual? Who knows. Its weird also because he was openly gay around that time too! Arg did this event happen to me?
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No, it's not really normal. He consciously deceived you into sexual activity. Was it mutual--who knows? You DID do it repeatedly. Of course, he was just a dumb, curious kid at the time too so was it really molestation or just experimentation? The answer lies in whether or not you were a willing participant in an activity that you knew would lead to his sexual stimulation. If so, then you two were experimenting. If not, then you were being molested by your older brother. Ask youself: Did I know I wouls end up giving him a handjob when we played this "game"? Did I satisfy a curiosity by doing it? Did I get sexual stimulation from the activity? These are the important questions. Even though he was older than you by a few years, he was probably not fully aware of the ramifications but only he could answer that. I don't suppose you guys talk about this these days though.
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My cousin did this to me.. And would slowly slip his hand down my pants.. I never thought about it till now..
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Yes its not normal and you are the VICTOM. If he made you touch his penis then he molested you and that is not ok. You have to choose though weather to report it or not he is your brother.
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she touched him so really she molested him
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he did not molest u because he din't fore u to give him a hand-job u did it by your own free will u may of been young and did not understand but u get my drift
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