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Is it normal that I'm 22 and still a Virgin?
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I'm 22 years old and I have never had sex. I think I'm waiting for a nice man to come along, but I'm a bit antisocial so he's hard to find.
Have I waited too long or is this normal?
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Comments (13)
It's normal as a matter of fact this is a good thing. Ur first time should b with someone ur completely in love with and u know that he won't go anywhere afterwards. So wat I'm trying to say is waiting till ur married would b the best decision u could ever make in my opinion. It would b special and something I'm sure u won't regret. I wish more girls would practice abstinance. A girls virginity is sacred and should be treated as such. I'm always telling my daughter this and I hope wen she decides to lose it, it will b a special moment something shell never forget and hoping it will b with her future husband. Good luck! This is completely normal but I don't c why u can't socialize more it doesn't hurt to socialize just know ur boundaries.
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omg more people should be like you!
i wish i wouldve waited until i was married.
its nice to read stuff like this and see that there is smart people out there.
i think you are completely normal and smart for waiting.
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i think it's 100 percent normal.. good job waiting. sure wish i did lolol
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theres nothing wrong with that its actually very atractive , dont bother rushing theres no real point in it ,its not like youll die or something if you dont do it or do it when your older, hell im 20 and have probably done less than u never had sex or even dated or kissed a girl, and i dont let it bother me.
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I'm in the same fix. 22, almost 23 years old and i've not kissed a man nor had sex nor had a boyfriend. Lost of people i know my age lost their virginity in their teens. It makes me feel strange. I say... just wait. Save it for someone special. You've waited THIS long...
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I'm in the same boat, so I hope so!
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why do you have to lose your virginity? does anyone tell you have to? DO you want to?
Remember, you don't to have sex.
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Congrats on not being a whore! Lol!
No,'s nice to see/read.
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Female Virgin at 22- not at all, in fact it should be cherished. I vote on you losing it on ebay where you can get a ton of cash or in a dominatrix orgy with a Zoophilia setting

Male virgin at 22- Immediate suicide is the only option for such a blasphemous title unless they're inside a religious cult or they're a eunuch
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well, no, it's not weird that you are. I'm 22 and a virgin, too :)

but it is kind of weird that you're anti-social? =/ what does that mean? you don't like people?
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Eharmony baby
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Wait, your complaining that you are STD free? What's wrong with this? Avoid vampires. Don't light any candles that might revive the Sanderson sisters, lol.

Exactly why do you see this as a problem? I'm lost on this.
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if you enjoy it and dont regret it later,its normal
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