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Is it normal that I'm a 18 teen year and always go makeup free ?
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I'm 18 and I never wear makeup. I chose to save my money up for college and living on my own after high schools over. I'm still in high school anyways , I see other girls wearing makeup every day and I don't. Is it weird that I chose to do this ? Would guys like that I don't ever wear me ?
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I'm going to attach a picture.
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Yeah, your skin and your wallet will thank you.
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Not that rare - similar situation here except the age. There are guys who prefer make up, but there are also guys who don't care or have no preference.
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I am 55 and still do not wear make-up....I`m also a guy!
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Me too! It's like the best of both worlds!
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i also do not wear makeup. it's hard because a lot of times i feel like maybe i should do my eyebrows and wear makeup powder but then i think about how i am being untrue to the world. this is my personal feelings i feel when i do wear makeup. when i wear makeup i do not take any pictures because i feel like i would be lying to people because that is not how i naturally look. i like to look as natural as possible. i will wear lip gloss but if it's too pink or dark i will not. i prefer clear lips gloss or extremely soft pink. same goes for my hair too. i would love to wear extensions but i would feel like i am being deceiving. when i was in elementary school i had really bad acne. i would cover it up with makeup, and guess what? the makeup made my acne worst. then one day i said "forget it i am tired of wearing makeup, i do not care what people say or think i am not wearing it anymore" then i started to use neutrogena pink micro scrub acne wash and my face cleared up like crazy. now i do not wear any makeup and i use my acne wash everyday. i have the most beautiful softest skin you will ever touch. now why would i want to cover that up?
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I'm 32 and honestly the most makeup I ever wore was on my wedding day, and even then I only did eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

If you're comfortable with nothing at all, go for it, plus it's actually better for your skin in the end
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